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Mewstone wines are sourced solely from our own vineyard in Flowerpot. We think a good wine is grown, not made, and should express its place. To achieve this we make our wines with minimum intervention in the winery. Our 2016 vintage is now sold out. If you would like a guaranteed allocation of our 2017 vintage due, for release in June, please join our Mewstone Wine Club.

2016 Mewstone Chardonnay

With ripe flavours arriving when we still had ripping acidity we have sought a rich elegant style. Whole bunch pressed directly to barrel for natural fermentation which provided an inherent complexity. It was then allowed to pass through malolactic fermentation  to naturally enrich the wine. It spent the year maturing alongside our reds and was bottled in late summer. Only 1158 bottles produced.

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Campbell Mattinson – The Winefront

I have a bee in my bonnet about the oft-used term “Tasmanian acidity”. It’s not a phrase I like to see; it looks lazy to me. And so I’m a little red-faced to admit that when I first tasted this Chardonnay from Mewstone, the first thing to pop to mind was indeed that phrase. It’s a wine with flavour, texture and length but yes, it’s slipped with cool-light acidity. It gives the wine a certain ring of confidence. There are notes of ginger, preserved lemon, pink grapefruit and oyster shells here, and while I’m sure there was oak involved there’s very little sign of it in the wine. A kiss of toasted cedar wood, is all. More than anything it’s about pure fruit, illuminated by a cool low light. Thankfully it went through malo; it needed to. Pick this up in three years (+) time and it will be just starting to hit its straps. Tasmania certainly knows how to produce modern wine stars.

Rated : 94 Points
Drink : 2019 – 2025

2016 Mewstone Pinot Noir

The original two blocks were picked individually when they achieved that lovely balance of fruit intensity without forgoing their crunchy acidity. Natural yeasts were utilised to ferment the sugars allowing for a long slow start and an accelerated peak before being left to rest prior to pressing. The rest of the year was spent maturing in oak prior to bottling in late summer. Only 2124 bottles produced. (Sold Out)

Huon Hooke – Huon Hooke & the Real Review

Very deep red/purple, bright and youthful. Superb black cherry aromas of very ripe pinot noir, and full of interest – not simple. It smells luscious. Gorgeous sweet-fruit pinot flavour and soft, ample tannins providing a foil for the delicious ripe fruit. Excellent pinot.

Rated : 96 Points
Drink : 2017 – 2031


Campbell Mattinson – The Winefront

We are on to a very good thing here. Rejoice. Make hay. Get in. This wine nails the centre point between sweet fruit and outright savouriness, and for good measure adds undergrowth and forest berry flavours aplenty. It’s plush and direct at once; it uses oak to modest but important effect; it’s awash with fruit but long and mouthwatering. There’s even a linger of smoke and/or mineral to the aftertaste. It is, in short, a beautiful wine.  

Rated : 95 Points
Drink : 2017 – 2024

2016 Mewstone Riesling

Naturally fermented in oak late in the season, the weather continued to play a part in this wine right through ferment. As the cellar cooled in late autumn so too did the ferment. Our inaugural Riesling fermented for almost two months before we called a halt as the sugars and acidity found the balance we were after. Matured through to late spring before filtering and bottling. Only 930 bottles produced.

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Huon Hooke – Huon Hooke & the Real Review

Medium to light yellow colour with a tint of grey, the bouquet is oak-kissed as if it’s been barrel fermented. There’s a note of talcum powder, too. The wine is rich and full, soft and texturally unusual but appealing. The palate is quite rich and full for a young riesling, finishing with a touch of bitterness – presumably from skin contact. A good wine but a slightly eccentric style of Australian riesling. The muscaty cool-climate riesling fragrance came up beautifully with extended airing. A fascinating wine.

Rated : 95 Points
Drink : 2017 – 2029


Mike Bennie
Gourmet Traveller Wine Oct-Nov 2017
2016 Mewstone Riesling

Recent releases from Mewstone show they are a strong contender for best new act fromTasmania in 2017. Wild-fermented in oak, this is a charismatic realising of gentle citrus-green Poole sweetness withs of spice and a faint suggestion of nougat lees-oak. It’s complex, long in flavour and highly perfumed. Though approachable now, it’s likely the various components of fruit, acid and oak influence will marry further over the next ten years. This wine deserves you attention.

2016 Mewstone Sauvignon Blanc

Our mission to remind everyone that Sauvignon Blanc deserves it status as a noble variety. Picked with ripe flavours, destemmed and naturally fermented on skins in new oak. Pressed to some older oak to undergo malolactic fermentation and then to mature on lees six months. We’ll never make much but we will always endeavour to challenge peoples’ perception of this variety. Only 270 bottles produced. (Sold Out)

2016 Mewstone Syrah

We were very fortunate to get ideal growing conditions for this first release. The fruit is off one small block. Natural yeasts were utilised to ferment the sugars allowing for a long slow start. It had an accelerated peak before being left to rest prior to pressing. The rest of the year was spent maturing in oak prior to bottling in late summer. Only 366 bottles produced. (Sold Out)

Campbell Mattinson

Shiraz/syrah grown in an incredibly southern situation. Indeed it would be difficult to find a more southern destination for Syrah. Beautiful shiraz. Painted in watercolours. Spice, leaves, peppers, nuts and florals. Tangy, spice-infused cherries rise as the wine breathes. Not in any way heavy. Well ripened. Intricately tannic. Has a dusty, twiggy character to the aftertaste; in a positive sense. Could probably – just – do with a bit more oomph but we’re in delicious cool-climate territory here.

Rated : 92 Points
Drink : 2017 – 2023